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WolframAlpha AI is a tool that uses its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to compute answers and provide knowledge. You can ask questions and get answers in natural language or math input, do analysis and generate reports on various topics, explore examples and learn more about WolframAlpha’s capabilities and domains, and access premium features and expert support with WolframAlpha Pro. WolframAlpha AI employs the Wolfram Language, one of the most advanced natural language processing models in the world, to deliver high-quality and original content. With WolframAlpha AI, you can find solutions and gain insights in a fast and easy way.
Price Model:
  • Freemium

WolframAlpha Features

  • Natural Language Math Input. You can enter mathematical expressions in natural language and get instant results. For example, you can type “integral of sin(sqrt(theta))” or “area of a circle with radius 5” and get the answers in symbolic or numerical form.
  • Curated Data. WolframAlpha has access to 10+ trillion pieces of data from primary sources across 1000+ domains, such as physics, chemistry, engineering, economics, geography, history, arts, sports and more. You can query any data you want and get relevant facts, statistics, graphs and tables.
  • Dynamic Computation. WolframAlpha can perform 50,000+ types of algorithms and equations on any input you give. You can solve problems, optimize functions, analyze data, simulate systems, create models and explore concepts in various fields of science and technology.
  • Computed Presentation. WolframAlpha can generate 5,000+ types of visual and tabular output to present the results of your queries in a clear and engaging way. You can see plots, diagrams, maps, charts, animations, sounds and more. You can also customize and download the output in various formats.
  • Step-by-Step Solutions. WolframAlpha Pro is a subscription service that gives you access to more features on the web. One of them is the ability to see step-by-step solutions for calculus, algebra, trigonometry, equation solving and basic math problems. You can learn how to solve problems with detailed hints and explanations.
  • Wolfram Problem Generator. WolframAlpha Pro also lets you use the Wolfram Problem Generator, which creates unlimited practice problems for math and other subjects. You can choose the level of difficulty, the topic and the type of problem you want to practice. You can also check your answers and see step-by-step solutions.
  • Dynamic Interactivity. Another feature of WolframAlpha Pro is the dynamic interactivity option, which allows you to manipulate the output of your queries with sliders, buttons, menus and other controls. You can change parameters, explore scenarios, compare results and discover new insights.
  • Additional Input Options. WolframAlpha Pro also gives you more ways to input your queries besides typing. You can upload images, audio files, spreadsheets, documents and other types of files and let WolframAlpha analyze them. You can also use voice input or handwriting recognition to enter your queries.
  • Ability to Customize and Download Results. WolframAlpha Pro also enables you to customize the appearance and content of your results. You can change the layout, style, font size and color of your output. You can also choose what information you want to see or hide. You can then download your results in PDF, CDF or other formats.

Who is best fit for WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is a useful tool for anyone who wants to get answers, do analysis and generate reports on any topic. However, some categories of people who will benefit the most from using WolframAlpha are:

  • Students and Educators. WolframAlpha can help students and educators with math, science, engineering and other subjects. Students can use WolframAlpha to solve problems, practice skills, check answers, learn concepts and explore topics. Educators can use WolframAlpha to create assignments, tests, quizzes, projects and demonstrations. WolframAlpha also provides step-by-step solutions, interactive widgets, problem generators and other features to enhance learning and teaching.
  • Researchers and Professionals. WolframAlpha can help researchers and professionals with data analysis, modeling, simulation, optimization and visualization. Researchers can use WolframAlpha to access curated data from various domains, perform computations, test hypotheses and generate reports. Professionals can use WolframAlpha to find information, make decisions, optimize processes and present results. WolframAlpha also supports various formats, languages, units and standards to facilitate research and work.
  • Hobbyists and Enthusiasts. WolframAlpha can help hobbyists and enthusiasts with personal interests, hobbies and passions. Hobbyists can use WolframAlpha to find facts, trivia, statistics and trends on topics such as arts, media, sports, games, food and more. Enthusiasts can use WolframAlpha to explore concepts, ideas, theories and phenomena in fields such as philosophy, history, culture, astronomy and more. WolframAlpha also provides surprises, entertainment, fun and challenges to satisfy curiosity and creativity.

WolframAlpha Pricing Options

  • Basic. This is a free plan that gives you access to the basic features of WolframAlpha, such as natural language input, curated data, dynamic computation and computed presentation. You need to sign in with a Wolfram ID to use this plan. However, this plan does not include step-by-step solutions, extended computation time, file upload and analysis, customized graphics and downloadable results.
  • Pro. This is a paid plan that gives you access to the enhanced features of WolframAlpha, such as step-by-step solutions, practice problems, guided calculators, extended computation time, file upload and analysis, customized graphics and downloadable results. You also get priority support from Wolfram experts and additional guided calculators for educational and professional use. This plan costs $7.25 per month or $60 per year (save $27 per year).
  • Pro Premium. This is a premium plan that gives you access to the same features as the Pro plan, plus more computation time, larger file size upload limit, output zoom and expert support. You can ask questions to Wolfram experts and get personalized answers and guidance. This plan costs $12 per month or $100 per year (save $44 per year).

For Students

Students can choose between the Pro and Pro Premium plans, and they can also opt for a semester billing option that lasts for 6 months. The semester billing option is cheaper than the monthly billing option, but more expensive than the annual billing option. For example, the Pro plan for students costs $5.46 per month, $32.75 per semester or $60 per year. The Pro Premium plan for students costs $9 per month, $54 per semester or $99 per year.

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