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Replit is an online platform that allows you to code, collaborate, and deploy software in the cloud. You can use Replit's Ghostwriter, an AI-powered pair programmer, to write code faster and smarter. You can also debug, test, and manage secrets in your Repls. Replit is trusted by 20 million software creators worldwide.
Price Model:
  • Freemium

Replit Features

  • Zero setup. Replit eliminates the need for installing software, configuring dependencies, or setting up a local environment. You can log in and start coding right away with a template for your preferred language. Replit also manages your environment variables and software packages for you.
  • Multiplayer-ready. Replit enables you to work with anyone at anytime by simply sharing a link. You can see each other’s cursors, edits, and outputs in real-time. You can also chat with your collaborators, invite them to voice calls, or use the built-in video conferencing feature.
  • Web hosting. Replit lets you host your front-end websites or full-stack web applications with a single click. You can choose a custom domain name or use a free subdomain provided by Replit. Your web app will be live and accessible from anywhere on the internet.
  • Database options. Replit offers various options for storing and retrieving data for your projects. You can use Replit’s native database, which is a simple key-value store that works with any language. You can also use PostgreSQL or SQLite, which are popular relational database systems that you can install on your Repl.
  • Configuring your Repl. Replits are highly customizable and flexible. You can adjust the settings of your Repl to run almost any project in any language in any way you want. You can change the run command, the main file, the port number, the language version, and more.
  • Integrating with GitHub. Replit allows you to link your Repl to your GitHub repository. This way, you can sync your changes between Replit and GitHub easily. You can also import projects from GitHub to Replit or export projects from Replit to GitHub.
  • File history. Replit automatically saves snapshots of your code every time you run it. You can view the previous versions of your code and revert to them if needed. This feature is useful for tracking your progress, debugging errors, or restoring deleted files.
  • Always On Repls. Replit offers a premium feature called Always On Repls, which keeps your Repl alive 24/7. This means that your web app will never go offline or sleep due to inactivity. This feature is ideal for hosting bots, APIs, servers, or any other project that needs constant uptime.
  • Ghostwriter. Replit has an AI-powered feature called Ghostwriter, which helps you write code faster and smarter. Ghostwriter can autocomplete your code, suggest improvements, generate boilerplate code, and even write entire functions for you. Ghostwriter works with Python and JavaScript languages.
  • Learning resources. Replit has a lot of useful resources for learners who want to improve their coding skills or learn new languages. You can work through project-based tutorials on Replit Learn, which cover topics such as Python basics, web development, data science, game development, and more. You can also join the Replit community hub, where you can ask questions, get feedback, participate in events, and discover new projects.

Who is best fit for Replit

Replit is a versatile and accessible platform that can be useful for various categories of people who want to create, share, or learn software. Here are some examples of who can benefit from using Replit:

  • Developers: Replit provides a cloud-based IDE that supports over 50 languages and frameworks. Developers can use Replit to write, run, debug, and deploy code without any setup or installation. They can also collaborate with other developers in real-time using the multiplayer feature, integrate with GitHub, and host their web applications with a custom domain.
  • Learners: Replit offers a lot of resources and tools for learners who want to improve their coding skills or learn new languages. Learners can work through project-based tutorials on Replit Learn, use the AI-powered Ghostwriter to write code faster and smarter, and join the Replit community hub to ask questions, get feedback, participate in events, and discover new projects.
  • Teachers: Replit helps teachers create engaging and interactive coding lessons for their students. Teachers can use Replit Teams for Education to manage their classrooms, assign projects, track progress, and provide feedback. They can also use Replit Classroom to create online courses with quizzes, tests, and auto-grading.
  • Hobbyists: Replit enables hobbyists to explore their creativity and passion for coding. Hobbyists can use Replit to create games, art, music, bots, websites, or anything else they can imagine. They can also share their projects with the Replit community or the world.
  • Professionals: Replit empowers professionals to build software solutions for their businesses or clients. Professionals can use Replit to prototype ideas, automate tasks, create APIs, analyze data, or build web applications. They can also use Replit Always On Repls to keep their projects running 24/7.

Replit Pricing Options

Personal plans

Replit has three personal plans: Free, Hacker, and Pro. These plans apply account-wide and offer different features and resources for development.

  • Free: This plan costs $0 per month and includes unlimited public Repls, 0.5 GB account storage, 10 GiB outbound data transfer, and base workspace (0.5 GB memory, 0.5 vCPUs).
  • Hacker: This plan costs $7 per month and includes unlimited private Repls, 5 GB account storage, 50 GiB outbound data transfer, fast workspace (2 GB memory, 2 vCPUs), one Always On Repl, one Boosted Repl, and SSH access to your Repls.
  • Pro: This plan costs $20 per month and includes unlimited private Repls, 10 GB account storage, 100 GiB outbound data transfer, very fast workspace (4 GB memory, 4 vCPUs), one Always On Repl, one Boosted Repl, SSH access to your Repls, and Ghostwriter (AI assistance for Python and JavaScript).

Team plans

Replit has two team plans: Teams for Business and Teams for Education. These plans offer different features and resources for collaboration and deployment.

  • Teams for Business: This plan costs $20 per user per month and includes unlimited private Repls for users, unlimited teams, unlimited projects, multiplayer collaboration, web hosting, database options, integrations with GitHub and Slack, custom domains and SSL certificates, Always On Repls for deployment, dedicated support, and custom branding.
  • Teams for Education: This plan is free for teachers and students who use their education affiliated email address when signing up. It includes unlimited private Repls for teachers and students, unlimited classrooms, unlimited assignments, auto-grading, feedback tools, multiplayer collaboration, web hosting, database options, and integrations with Google Classroom and Clever.

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