Predict AI - Benefits, Features and Pricing

Predict AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to simulate how consumers pay attention and react to marketing materials. It is created by Neurons, a leading company in the field of consumer neuroscience and applied artificial intelligence. Predict AI leverages eye tracking data and brain responses from studies done with the world’s biggest brands to build reliable models that forecast consumer behavior in seconds. Predict AI can assist marketers in improving creatives and assets, boosting conversions and engagement, and measuring against industry standards.
Price Model:
  • Paid

Predict AI Features

  • Attention prediction: Measure attention and engagement at a click of a button
  • Cognitive scores: See how the smallest details impact attention, sentiments and engagement
  • Heatmaps: Boost advertising expertise with heatmaps
  • Split testing: Compare multiple versions of creatives, pre-launch
  • Industry benchmarks: Create high-performing assets with industry standards
  • Unlimited testing: Test as many creatives and assets as you want

Who is best fit for Predict AI

  • Marketers
  • Brand managers
  • Web designers
  • Analysts

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