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Namelix is an AI-powered tool that helps you find a unique and memorable name for your business or brand. It generates names based on your keywords, style preferences and domain availability. Namelix is free to use and easy to navigate.
Price Model:
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Namelix Features

Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator that creates short, catchy and brandable names for your business idea. Some of its features are:

  • AI-driven name generation: Namelix generates names that are relevant to your business idea using a state-of-the-art language model.
  • Filter results: You can decide whether you want a shorter name, a specific keyword or a domain extension in your name.
  • Save your names: Namelix learns from the names you like and gives you better recommendations over time.
  • Generate logos: Namelix also creates logos for each name suggestion that you can customize and download.

Who is best fit for Namelix

Namelix is a tool that can help anyone who needs to create a name for their business, product or project. Some possible categories of users are:

  • Entrepreneurs and startups: Namelix can help them create unique, catchy and brandable names that reflect their business idea and vision.
  • Freelancers and small businesses: Namelix can help them rename their existing business or start a new one with a name that stands out and attracts customers.
  • Marketers and branding agencies: Namelix can help them create names for their clients or their own projects, saving them time and money.
  • Designers and creatives: Namelix can help them create logos and visual identities for their names, offering them a complete branding package.
  • International users: Namelix can help them find names available in multiple languages and domains, making it easier for them to reach a global audience.

Namelix Pricing Options

  • Free plan: you can create a name and logo for free.
  • Basic plan: You can create unlimited names and logos, change them in real time, and check domain availability for $9 per month.
  • Premium plan: you can use all the features of the basic plan, plus get high-resolution logo files and brand protection for $29 per month.
  • Domain registration: you can register your domain name through, a partner site that Namelix directs you to. Prices vary depending on the domain extension, but start at $2.88 per month.

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