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Mubert is a platform that empowers creators and businesses with AI-generated music. Mubert’s technology creates original music in real-time based on millions of samples from hundreds of artists. Users can select from various genres, moods, and activities, and customize their music with vocals, effects, and edits. Mubert also offers royalty-free music licensing for streaming, videos, podcasts, commercial use, and online content. Mubert is the world’s first platform that democratizes music creation and consumption.
Price Model:
  • Freemium

What does Mubert mean?

Mubert is a combination of the words "music" and "robot". The name is intended to reflect the service's use of artificial intelligence and algorithms to generate music in real-time. The Mubert platform creates personalized and unique electronic music tracks. It uses a combination of pre-recorded samples and generative algorithms to create an ever-evolving music stream. The era of robot musicians has started.

What is Mubert and what can the Mubert do?

Mubert is a neural network that generates unique music based on a database of small tracks called samples. Essentially, these are short sections of different sizes that are assembled into music like Lego pieces. The Mubert network has several million samples in its database, which it purchases through its own exchange, adding tens of thousands each month to ensure that the sound remains original.

Here is what the neural network can do:

  • Cut small pieces from the samples and create new rhythms;
  • Mix tracks and adjust the balance of volume;
  • Identify the type of sound and instrument;
  • Polish tracks with equalizers and compressors.

Mubert Features

Mubert is an innovative AI-powered royalty-free music ecosystem designed for content creators, brands, and developers. Some benefits of using Mubert AI are:

  • Mubert has a library of millions of songs, making it one of the best music-generation tools available.
  • Mubert is easy to use and can be integrated with other music-streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.
  • Mubert can create custom playlists for any occasion.
  • Mubert AI’s artificial intelligence creates realistic and believable music.
  • Mubert can instantly create high-quality music for streaming, videos, podcasts, and commercial use.

What are the advantages of Mubert AI?

The benefits of the Mubert neural network include:

  • Creating unique musical content without worrying about copyright issues;
  • Obtaining an unlimited amount of music for large-scale projects at a single price;
  • Creating music based on text queries or specific characteristics such as tone, rhythm, genre, style, mood, and many other parameters;
  • Modifying the generated track, such as looping it, creating a mix, extending it, or changing its key;
  • Searching for tracks generated by other users based on music from YouTube.

Overall, the Mubert neural network provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for creating and obtaining customized music content for various projects and purposes.

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What are the criticisms of Mubert?

  • Quality. Mubert is still in its early stages in the era of robot musicians. The quality of the generated tracks may be lower than that of music created by humans.
  • Fees. Mubert may be more expensive than some others on the market.
  • Limitation. Mubert has limited customization options.

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