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Bing AI is a new feature of Microsoft’s search engine that lets you chat with an intelligent assistant that can answer your questions, help you create content, and provide you with reliable and up-to-date information from the web. Bing AI is a revolutionary chatbot that can interact with you in natural language and assist you with various tasks. Whether you need to plan a trip, write an email, or research a topic, Bing AI can provide you with complete answers and suggestions, as well as generate content for you. Bing AI is a new way of searching the web that goes beyond the traditional keyword-based queries. You can now chat with a smart assistant that can understand your natural language and provide you with complete answers from the web.
Price Model:
  • Free

Bing Features

    • Chat: You can ask questions in natural language and get complete answers from Bing AI. You can also follow up, refine, or clarify your queries in chat. Bing AI will try to understand your needs and provide you with relevant information from the web.
    • Compose: You can ask Bing AI to help you create content, such as emails, poems, stories, quizzes, etc. You just need to provide some prompts or ideas and Bing AI will write a draft for you to build upon.
    • Summarize: You can ask Bing AI to summarize web results for you, so you don’t have to read through long articles or reports. Bing AI will give you the key takeaways and cite the sources.
    • Inspire: You can ask Bing AI to inspire you with ideas, such as for arts and crafts, recipes, travel destinations, etc. Bing AI will generate suggestions for you and provide links to book or buy what you need.

Who is best fit for Bing

    • People who want to save time and effort when searching the web or creating content.
    • People who want to learn new things or explore new topics in an interactive way.
    • People who want to get reliable and up-to-date information from the web.
    • People who want to have fun and be creative with their searches or content.

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