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Latent Labs is a platform that enables you to design and generate 3D models and worlds using text prompts. You can use their 3D Model Generator to create realistic or stylized objects, characters, and scenes, or their Text-to-3D World Generator to transform your words into immersive and interactive environments. Latent Labs is a platform that combines natural language processing and computer graphics to create amazing generative art with AI.
Price Model:
  • Free

Latent Labs Features

  • 3D world generation – You can generate realistic and stylized 3D models, logos, and assets with just a few words.
  • Natural language processing – Use natural language to specify the shape, color, texture, and style of your 3D design and let the AI create it for you.
  • 3D asset library – You can browse and download from a library of 3D assets created by other users. You can also share your own creations with the community.
  • Reimagination options – Personalize your designs with features like realistic portrayals, lofi aesthetics, pink outfits, and cityscape backgrounds.
  • Concept art acceleration – You can use Latent Labs to create and refine your concept art quickly and easily.

Who is best fit Latent Labs

  • Designers who want to create 3D models and worlds for their projects or portfolios
  • Artists who want to experiment with different styles and genres of generative art
  • Gamers who want to explore immersive and interactive environments
  • Explorers who want to discover new possibilities and inspirations with AI

Pricing Options

Latent Labs uses a credit system to charge for its services. You need to buy credits to generate 3D models and worlds. The price of one credit is $0.99. You can also get 5 free credits when you sign up, and earn more credits by creating and sharing your own models and worlds. Latent Labs also offers commercial usage of the photos you generate, as well as other features such as saving your images, premium support, and early access to updates.

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