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IdeasAI is a free website that generates ideas for new products, services, or startups using OpenAI’s GPT-3, an artificial intelligence model that can create natural language texts. Users can browse through thousands of ideas that are generated without human involvement, and like or dislike them to train the model and improve the quality of the ideas. Users can also submit their own ideas and get feedback from other users. IdeasAI is a fun and inspiring tool for entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone who wants to explore the potential of artificial intelligence.
Price Model:
  • Free

IdeasAI Features

  • AI-powered startup idea generator: Use the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 to generate new and innovative product and business ideas based on your interests and feedback.
  • Weekly email newsletter: Subscribe to get the best new startup ideas by OpenAI delivered to your inbox every week. Discover new opportunities and get inspired by AI-generated ideas.
  • Browse and filter ideas: Explore the website to see the latest and most popular startup ideas by OpenAI. You can filter the ideas by category, date, or popularity. You can also search for specific keywords or phrases to find relevant ideas.
  • Save and share ideas: You can save your favorite ideas to your personal dashboard and access them anytime. You can also share the ideas with your friends, colleagues, or potential investors via email, social media, or a unique link.
  • Rate and comment on ideas: You can rate the ideas from 1 to 5 stars and leave your feedback or suggestions in the comments section. You can also see what other users think about the ideas and join the discussion.
  • Request custom ideas: If you have a specific problem or need that you want to solve with a startup idea, you can request a custom idea from OpenAI. You can provide some details about your situation and preferences, and OpenAI will generate a tailored idea for you.

Who is best fit for IdeasAI

  • Entrepreneurs: If you are looking for a new venture or want to validate your existing idea, IdeasAI can help you generate and explore different options and opportunities.
  • Innovators: If you are working on a new product or service, or want to improve an existing one, IdeasAI can help you find creative and novel solutions and features.
  • Creatives: If you are a writer, artist, designer, or any other creative professional, IdeasAI can help you spark your imagination and inspiration with fresh and original ideas.
  • Students: If you are studying business, innovation, or any other related field, IdeasAI can help you learn and practice the process of generating and evaluating startup ideas.
  • Curious: If you are just interested in seeing what OpenAI can do and what kind of ideas it can come up with, IdeasAI can help you satisfy your curiosity and have some fun.

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