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Glasp is a social web highlighter that helps online learners and knowledge-sharers to easily collect and organize web quotes and thoughts without distractions. It enables connecting with fellow learners for resource sharing. Additionally, Glasp offers a YouTube content summarizing tool for time-saving video watching. With Glasp, you can work more productively and even leave a digital legacy.
Price Model:
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Glasp Features

Glasp is a social web highlighter that helps you capture, organize, and share your online learning. Here are some of the features that make Glasp a powerful and unique tool for knowledge seekers:

  • Highlight and annotate web pages, YouTube videos, and Kindle books: You can use different colors and notes to mark the important parts of any online content. Glasp will automatically save your highlights and notes to your personal library, where you can access them anytime.
  • Copy and export your highlights and notes: You can easily copy all your highlights and notes with meta data and paste them into your favorite note-taking apps. Glasp supports Markdown format and Readwise integration, so you can seamlessly transfer your learning to other platforms.
  • Show and share your learning: You can create a public profile on Glasp and share your highlights and notes with others via URL. You can also embed your Glasp in your blog or newsletter, or download them as .txt, .md, or .csv files. You can also generate beautiful quoteshots from your highlights and share them on social media.
  • Learn from like-minded people: You can follow other users on Glasp and see their highlights and notes on various topics. You can also search for topics that interest you and find relevant content from the community. Glasp helps you discover new perspectives and insights from people who share your curiosity.
  • Enhance your learning with AI-powered features: Glasp uses artificial intelligence to help you learn more effectively. You can see the AI-powered summary based on your highlights and notes, which gives you a concise overview of the main points. You can also see the knowledge graph that shows how your learning connects and develops over time. Additionally, you can highlight YouTube videos by using the transcript feature, which makes it easier to find and annotate the parts you want.

Who is best fit for Glasp

  • Newsletter writers: Glasp can help newsletter writers to research and curate content from the web, highlight and annotate the key points, and copy and export them to their writing tools. Glasp also allows newsletter writers to show and share their learning with their audience, and embed their Glasp in their newsletters.
  • Active readers: Glasp can help active readers to enhance their reading experience and retention, by allowing them to highlight and annotate web pages, YouTube videos, and Kindle books. Glasp also helps active readers to create a library of their learning, where they can access and review their highlights and notes anytime.
  • Thought leaders: Glasp can help thought leaders to showcase their expertise and insights, by allowing them to share their highlights and notes with others via URL or social media. Glasp also helps thought leaders to discover new content and perspectives from like-minded people, and learn from their highlights and notes.
  • Serious note-takers: Glasp can help serious note-takers to streamline their note-taking workflow, by allowing them to copy and export their highlights and notes with meta data and Markdown format. Glasp also supports Readwise integration, which makes it easy to sync their highlights and notes with other note-taking apps.

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