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Codeium is an AI-powered coding tool that boosts your coding skills by integrating seamlessly into editors. It helps you become a skilled software developer instead of just a code monkey. Join the modern era of coding with Codeium, your ultimate coding companion.
Price Model:
  • Free

Codeium Features

  • Use natural language: You can type comments in natural language and let Codeium generate code for you in any of the supported languages.
  • Minimize boilerplate coding: You can let Codeium handle writing repetitive or boilerplate code for you, such as API calls, unit tests, or imports.
  • Find and use APIs: You can use Codeium to search for and insert API endpoints or signatures that match your needs, without leaving your editor.
  • Unit test generation: You can use Codeium to automatically generate test cases for your code, covering different scenarios and edge cases.
  • Customizable workflows: You can customize Codeium’s settings and preferences to suit your coding style and preferences.
  • Security and privacy: You can use Codeium without compromising your personal data or code, as it uses end-to-end encryption and does not store any of your code on its servers.
  • IDE integration: You can use Codeium in any of the 20+ editors that it supports, such as Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Atom, Sublime Text, and more.
  • Online playground: You can try Codeium in action without signing up or installing anything, using its free online playground.

Who is best fit for Codeium

  • Software developers: Codeium can help software developers write code faster and easier, using natural language, autocomplete, and API search features. Codeium can also help software developers improve their code quality and consistency, by generating unit tests and suggesting best practices.
  • Software engineers: Codeium can help software engineers work with different languages and codebases, using natural language and autocomplete features. Codeium can also help software engineers reduce boilerplate and repetitive coding tasks, by generating common code patterns and API calls.
  • Software testers: Codeium can help software testers create test cases and scenarios for their code, using natural language and unit test generation features. Codeium can also help software testers find and fix bugs and errors in their code, by suggesting solutions and explanations.
  • Software learners: Codeium can help software learners learn new languages and frameworks, using natural language and autocomplete features. Codeium can also help software learners understand how to write better code, by suggesting best practices and explanations.
  • Software hobbyists: Codeium can help software hobbyists create fun and creative projects, using natural language and code generation features. Codeium can also help software hobbyists explore different APIs and libraries, using API search and autocomplete features.

Codeium Pricing Options

  • Free: Individual users can use Codeium for free forever, with unlimited access to all its features.
  • Enterprise: Teams can upgrade to the enterprise plan for enhanced fine-tuning and flexible deployments. The cost of the enterprise plan depends on the customer and their needs.

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