Civitai: Advantages, Features, Pricing

Civitai is the go-to platform for sharing AI-generated art among the community. It's free, open-source, and always evolving for the best user experience. Join now to explore a world of innovative AI art.
Price Model:
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Civitai Features

Civitai is a platform for Stable Diffusion AI Art models. It allows users to create, share and review custom AI art models, as well as explore thousands of images with prompts. Here are some of the features of Civitai:

  • Over 1,700 models from 250+ creators, covering various categories such as character, style, celebrity, concept, clothing, poses, base model, car, background, tool, objects, buildings, animal and action.
  • Model files are pickle-scanned for safety, ensuring that the models are free of malicious code or data.
  • Upload your own model or download models from other creators. You can also sign in with your GitHub account to access your models and settings.
  • Review and rate models from the community, or browse the collection of 1200 reviews to find the best models for your needs.
  • Explore images with prompts to get inspired or generate your own art. There are over 12,000+ images with prompts available on the platform.
  • Use embeddings and hypernetworks to enhance your models or create textual inversion embeddings. Embeddings are vectors that represent the features of an image or text, and hypernetworks are networks that generate weights for another network.
  • Join the Discord server to chat with other users, get support, report bugs, share ideas or request features. You can also follow Civitai on Twitter or Reddit for updates and news.
  • Support Civitai by donating or becoming a patron. Your support helps keep the platform running and improving.

Civitai is a great resource for anyone interested in Stable Diffusion AI Art models. You can visit their website at or to learn more.

Who is best fit for Civitai

Civitai will be useful for anyone who wants to create or explore AI art using Stable Diffusion models. Some of the categories of people who will benefit the most from using Civitai are:

  • Artists and designers who want to generate high-quality images from text descriptions, or enhance their existing images with inpainting, outpainting, text-to-image and image-to-image translations. They can also use embeddings and hypernetworks to add more details or variations to their images.
  • Researchers and developers who want to learn more about Stable Diffusion models, or fine-tune their own models with additional training or Dreambooth. They can also access the source code of Civitai on GitHub and use the API to integrate Civitai with their own applications.
  • Hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to have fun with AI art, or express their creativity with custom models and prompts. They can also share their work with the community, or get inspired by other users’ images and reviews.
  • Educators and students who want to teach or learn about AI art, or explore the possibilities of Stable Diffusion models. They can also use Civitai as a tool to demonstrate the concepts and applications of latent diffusion models.

Civitai Pricing Options

Civitai is free to use for browsing and downloading models and images. However, some models may have a price tag attached to them, which you will have to pay to access. You can also support Civitai by becoming a member or making a donation. Members get exclusive perks such as early access to new features, unique badges and nameplate colors, and more. The membership fee is $5 per month. One-time donations are also welcome and appreciated.

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