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Casper AI is a Chrome extension plugin that uses ChatGPT to assist professionals and ordinary people in streamlining their workflow by summarizing articles, creating content and sharing insights with stakeholders. Casper utilizes OpenAI’s GPT’s newest models to deliver insights and summaries based on natural language queries. Casper can assist you in saving time and effort in various domains such as education, finance, business, law and more.
Price Model:
  • Free

Casper AI Features

  • Domain intelligence: Casper has built-in domain knowledge for various domains such as education, finance, business, law and more.
  • Context relevance: Casper uses deep reinforcement learning to provide accurate and contextually relevant answers and follow-up suggestions.
  • Data integration: Casper ingests data from public databases, internal databases and recent news sources to highlight the top new insights.
  • Data analysis: Casper uses large language models to analyze data from different sources and use GPT-3.5 to prioritize top insights.
  • Data visualization: Casper summarizes all relevant data into a “tl;dr” to share with relevant stakeholders.

Who is the best fit for Casper AI

Casper AI is useful for professionals and ordinary people who want to simplify their workflow by summarizing articles and creating content.


Casper AI offers a free trial for 14 days and then charges $9.99 per month or $99 per year for unlimited access to all features.

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