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Adobe Podcast is a web-based platform that lets you record, transcribe, edit, and share podcasts with the power of artificial intelligence. You can use Adobe Podcast to collaborate with others remotely, enhance your voice quality, and edit your audio using a transcript. Adobe Podcast also provides project templates, mic check AI, and speech-to-text technology from Adobe Premiere Pro. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Adobe Podcast can help you create and publish amazing podcasts.
Price Model:
  • Free

Adobe Podcast Features

  • Web-based audio recording and editing: Adobe Podcast lets you record and edit your audio stories on the web, without installing any software or hardware. You can access your projects from any device and browser, and enjoy a seamless audio editing experience.
  • Remote recording with high-quality local audio sync: Adobe Podcast makes it easy to record with others, no matter where they are. You can invite anyone to join your recording session by sharing a link, and Adobe Podcast will record each person’s audio locally in high quality. Then, Adobe Podcast will sync all the audio tracks together in the cloud automatically, so you don’t have to worry about latency or quality issues.
  • Transcript-based editing powered by Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology: Adobe Podcast uses Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology to generate a transcript of your audio recordings. You can use the transcript to edit your audio with simple text commands, such as deleting, copying, pasting, or moving words. You can also search for keywords, add notes, or correct errors in the transcript. Transcript-based editing makes audio editing faster and easier than ever before.
  • AI-powered audio enhancement with Enhance Speech filter: Adobe Podcast helps you improve the sound quality of your voice recordings with the Enhance Speech filter. This AI-powered filter analyzes your audio and applies adjustments to remove background noise, reduce echo, and sharpen your voice’s frequencies. It makes your voice recordings sound as if they were recorded in a professional studio, even if you recorded them in a noisy environment.
  • Project templates for faster and easier workflow: Adobe Podcast offers project templates to help you start your audio projects quickly and easily. You can choose from different templates based on your podcast genre, format, or style, or create and share your own templates. Project templates can include pre-set tracks, effects, music, intros, outros, and more. They can help you save time and maintain consistency across your podcast episodes.
  • Collaboration and sharing features: Adobe Podcast enables you to collaborate and share your audio projects with others. You can invite others to join your project, edit the transcript or audio together, leave comments or feedback, and export or publish your podcast episodes. You can also share your project link with anyone who wants to listen to your podcast or give you suggestions.

Adobe Podcast is currently in beta and you can request access to try it out. By requesting access, you can be among the first to experience the future of audio storytelling with AI. You can also provide feedback and suggestions to help improve Adobe Podcast and shape its development.

Who is best fit for Adobe Podcast

  • Podcasters: Adobe Podcast is designed for people who want to create and share audio stories with their audience. Podcasters can use Adobe Podcast to record and edit their podcast episodes with ease, using AI-powered features that enhance their sound quality and workflow. Podcasters can also collaborate and share their projects with others, and export or publish their podcasts to various platforms.
  • Journalists: Adobe Podcast can help journalists produce engaging audio content for their listeners. Journalists can use Adobe Podcast to record interviews remotely, edit their audio using transcripts, and add sound effects or music to their stories. Journalists can also use Adobe Podcast to create project templates for different genres or formats of audio journalism.
  • Educators: Adobe Podcast can be a useful tool for educators who want to create audio lessons or courses for their students. Educators can use Adobe Podcast to record and edit their audio lectures, add notes or annotations, and enhance their voice clarity with AI filters. Educators can also use Adobe Podcast to share their audio content with their students or colleagues, and receive feedback or suggestions.
  • Storytellers: Adobe Podcast can be a fun and creative way for storytellers to express themselves through audio. Storytellers can use Adobe Podcast to record and edit their audio stories, add sound effects or music to create mood or atmosphere, and collaborate with other storytellers or voice actors. Storytellers can also use Adobe Podcast to experiment with different genres or styles of audio storytelling, and share their stories with others.

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